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Company overview

DocDoc is a virtual network of physicians and hospitals supporting patients to find high quality specialised medical care. The service is available to insured patients through insurance firms motivated to assure their members receive the highest quality care.

DocDoc is an independent company with deep expertise in healthcare quality. We have the largest doctor network in Asia with more than 23,000 doctors under contract. Doctors are selected based on expertise only. We are not paid by doctors in any way. We seek physicians, clinics, and hospitals with excellent outcomes who believe they are the best at what they do. We then spend hours with each doctor, investigating quality of care and documenting procedures and conditions where the physician excels. We review national records to confirm credentials and discover any legal action. Then, we enter information from multiple sources into HOPE (heuristic for outcome, price, and experience), our artificial intelligence (AI) powered doctor discovery engine, which finds a best match between a unique patient need and unique physician experience.

Our model is that everyone wins. The patient finds a highly qualified doctor to treat their condition. The physician, who excels in specific treatments and procedures, has a company validate their expertise and send select patients to them so they can focus on clinical care. The insurance firms, knowing that happy patients maintain memberships, pay us a modest fee to assure their patients make informed medical decisions. The service is free of charge to doctors to ensure transparency and avoid conflict of interest.

The end result is that we are a company that focuses entirely on you, partnering with you to find a high quality doctor to meet your needs. We invite you to try our service. The service is free of charge to you. Our concierge specialist will spend as much time with you as needed. You can feel confident in knowing we have no incentive but to assure you receive the best possible care.

Meet Grace and Cole, DocDoc’s founders, and hear their story:

You can trust us because we are patients too. When the head liver surgeon at a well-known hospital told us that our previously thought healthy 90 day-old daughter needed liver surgery immediately, our world turned upside down. Making a bad situation worse, the doctor was not willing to give us guidance on his qualifications to perform the procedure. Thankfully, Grace had 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry and we had a professional network we could rely on to find the right doctor. Nevertheless, we felt afraid, alone, and exceptionally vulnerable at that moment. We founded DocDoc to be the service we never had and to empower patients to make the best healthcare decisions.