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Access powerful and credible information not available elsewhere.

DocDoc has Asia’s largest doctor network, with more than 23,000 doctors under contract and 793 clinics and hospitals throughout the region. With a growing network of doctors located in the healthcare centres of excellence, no other company has interviewed and vetted nearly as many doctors as DocDoc.

Our agreement with doctors requires sharing of information on quality and a commitment to best pricing. Our team has taken the time to vet and thoroughly understand our physicians, collecting information upfront so it is available to support informed patient decisions.

As one of the most experienced healthcare teams in Asia, we know that all doctors are not created equal for all procedures. We are selective in which doctors are invited to join our network. Doctors are selected based on expertise only. We are not paid by doctors in any way. Our goal is to ensure you find a highly qualified physician with specialisation related to your unique medical needs. We have both the largest and most comprehensive network in the industry, providing you more choice.

"DocDoc knows who to go to for particular procedure in the region.
More than this, they took care of me like I was part of their family."

So Young Kang